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1.      Structure of the Institute of International Economics

Institute of International EconomicsHead: Professor Dr hab. Janusz Bilski

Department of International Finance and InvestmentsHead: Dr hab. Małgorzata Janicka, Associate Professor

Department of International Business and Trade  – Head: Dr hab. Magdalena Rosińska-Bukowska, Associate Professor

The staff of the Institute of International Economics comprise 13 members, as well as 8 PhD students.


2.      Didactic activity

1) The Institute of International Economics provides academic oversight of the teaching activities in two fields of study:

  •   International Finance. The staff of the Institute of IE provide academic oversight for two types of specialisation offered under full-time studies of the I cycle, namely: “Investments in international markets”, and  “Management and finance of transnational corporations”. Among the main subjects of these prestigious studies are: “Financial markets”, “Flows of international investments”, “Financial law”, “Management of financial risk”.
  •   International Economic Relations (jointly with the Department of International Trade, the unit of the Institute of Economics), full – time studies of the I and II cycle

2) The members of the staff of the Institute of IE conduct courses and classes (in the form of lectures, discussion classes, and seminars) in the two aforementioned fields of study, as well as within other study programmes, and for international students (under the Erasmus Programme).

3) The Institute of IE has entered into cooperation with the Thomson Reuters company. Under this cooperation scheme, the access to the Thomson Reuters service is provided. On the basis of these services, unique on the national scale practical classes – Thomson Reuters Academy and Dealing Room – are conducted.

4) The Institute of IE cooperates with highly reputed financial institutions operating in national and international markets. These are:

  • Avallon Investment Fund,
  • mBank (formerly BRE Bank),
  • National Bank of Poland.

This cooperation contributes to the enrichment of the programmes of study in International Finance and International Economic Relations.

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